Acrylic was invented in the 1920’s as an alternative to glass. Originally marketed under the brand names Lucite and Plexiglas, acrylic is extremely transparent, durable, doesn’t yellow with age, is half the weight of glass, works well over a wide range of temperatures and is naturally weather resistant. In fact, acrylic is so tough and shatter-resistant that it is the material used to make the windshields on our fighter-jets!

What about aesthetics? Why is acrylic a great material for your furniture? Well, it starts with acrylic being somehow timeless and futuristic at the same time. It fits with virtually every style and can give any room that special touch. It’s the “ultimate neutral,” yet it brings a hint of elegance with its reflections and light-play.

Acrylic furniture has other advantages too. The crystal-clear pieces are fantastic at serving their purpose without distracting from other items in a space. Your accent pieces will seem to float in space, as if by magic. Acrylic can be especially suited to smaller rooms too, taking up little “visual space.” Do you have a beautiful rug that you don’t want to block? Try acrylic. One more bonus – acrylic appeals to men and women equally, which comes in handy more often than you’d think.

Whether it’s a table, a bar-cart or a wing-back chair, virtually any item can be made from acrylic.

What can we make for you?

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